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  1. Q
    What operating system do I need in order to run Tennis Fit?
    Your iOS device must have iOS 10.0 or later installed. Your Apple Watch must have watchOS 3.0 or later installed.
  2. Q
    How do I transfer my old workout data to a new iPhone?
    Data from an old iPhone will be transferred to a new iPhone when you restore from your most recent backup. On the home page of Tennis Fit for Apple Watch, tap the shopping cart icon from the upper right hand corner. Tap 'Restore' in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Q
    How do I calibrate my watch before a workout?
    Once you start a workout, stand at the baseline facing the net. Hold your Apple Watch out so you can see the display, with your arm level at your chest. Stand still until the Apple Watch finishes calibrating.
  4. Q
    What devices does your app support?
    Tennis Fit works on all models of iPhone 5, iPhone 6,, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7. Tennis Fit works on both Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2.
  5. Q
    How do I analyze my strokes after a workout?
    The ability to analyze your stroke with 3D playback is available with the Pro version In-App Purchase. After ending a workout, hit 'Save Workout'. Workout automatically uploads to Tennis Fit for iPhone. On your iPhone, you can view workout summaries and stroke analysis.
  6. Q
    How do I restore features I paid for that are now missing?
    Press the restore button in the Tennis Fit iOS App.
  7. Q
    I just bought Tennis Fit and I'm not sure how it works.
    On the home page of Tennis Fit for iPhone, you can access a tutorial under the Tutorial layer.
  8. Q
    How do I upgrade from Tennis Fit Lite to Pro?
    In your Tennis Fit for iPhone App, the home page features a shopping cart in the upper right hand corner that allows you to purchase Tennis Fit Pro. Tennis Fit Pro includes additonal features such as 3D stroke playback, ability to compare your game to other Tennis Players, stroke speed, and stroke spin.
  9. Q
    What can I use the remote scoreboard feature for?
    The remote scoreboard on your iPhone allows friends and family to view live updates as you keep score on your Apple Watch.
  10. Q
    What types of workouts can I choose from?
    On the home page of Tennis Fit for Apple Watch, you can turn the Digital Crown to select from a quick start workout, calories based goal, strokes based goal, or match length goal.
  11. Q
    How do I pause/resume or end a workout?
    You can always pause/resume or end a workout by swiping to the middle page of Tennis Fit for Apple Watch. Note that once a workout goal is met, the workout does not automatically end.
  12. Q
    How do I adjust a workout goal?
    Active calories, stroke count, or time based workout goals can be adjusted by taping the + or - buttons.
  13. Q
    How to I adjust a match length goal?
    First tap the match length box so it is highlighted green, and then turn the digital crown to view the different match length goals available. Open ended match length goals are intended for free match play.
  14. Q
    How do I join the Tennis Fit community?
    To join the Tennis Fit community, you must have Tennis Fit Pro.Tap the 'Player Rating' button on the main menu of Tennis Fit for iPhone. Create an account under 'My Account' in the upper right hand corner. select your rating and upload data sets to begin seeing how you stack up against the competition!
  15. Q
    Why do I have to teach Tennis Fit my strokes?
    Teaching Tennis Fit each of your stroke types before your first workout allows Tennis Fit to later recognize and classify when you perform a forehand, backhand, serve, etc. Tap the stroke type you want Tennis Fit to learn. Have a racquet in your hand with enough room to swing safety. Only teach the strokes you are familiar with.
  16. Q
    How do I teach Tennis Fit my strokes?
    During calibration, hold Apple Watch still, face up and level so you can read the display. Stand at the baseline. Perform 3 full speed sample strokes, pausing 1 second in between strokes. Wait until the timer runs out.
  17. Q
    What does 'is not reachable' error mean?
    When trying to transfer Tennis Fit Pro purchase or workouts from the Apple Watch to iPhone, you might get an 'is not reachable error.' In order to be reachable, the iPhone and Apple Watch must be paired, within range, and Tennis Fit App must be open.
  18. Q
    Do I need to wear my Apple Watch on my playing hand?
    No. However, you must wear your watch on your playing hand to take advantage of Basic features such as stroke count. The Pro version In-App Purchase requires wearing your Apple Watch on your playing hand to take full advantage of features such as stroke analysis and capture.
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