Tennis Fit

Improve your game and your health. 
  1. Fitness Tracking
    Track tennis shot count, heart rate, step count, and active calories. Results integrate with overall activity tracking.
  2. Score Tracking
    Track match score and serve order on Apple Watch or have friends/family remotely monitor match score on iPhone.
  3. Stroke Analysis (In-App Purchase)
    Automatically classifies your shot mix during a match, estimates ball speed, spin. Save and review results on iPhone.

Fitness Tracking

Tennis Fit tracks your tennis workouts. Results are fully integrated with overall iPhone fitness, tracking allowing your tennis workouts to accurately count toward closing-the-rings.

Analyze Tennis Stroke
In-App Purchase Required

Tennis Fit Pro uses Apple Watch sensors to learn how you hit each shot type then automatically detects, classifies, and analyzes your strokes during a workout and displays performance gauges in realtime on Apple Watch.   Use Tennis Fit for iPhone workout data for a detailed shot-by-shot analysis.  The capture/playback feature allows you to visualize in 3D the speed and wrist position of your captured tennis strokes. Join the Tennis Fit community and anonymously compare your stroke data to you peers to learn your strenths and weaknesses!
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Score Tracking
Never loose track of the match score again! Use Apple Watch to track match score game-by-game or point-by-point.  Friend and family can use your paired iPhone courtside as a remote scoreboard. Optionally, identify players and serve order to keep track of the server and your opponents/partners.
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Tennis Fit
Improve your game, and your health.